Burma VJ (2008)

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Adam and John have been quite critical of the mainstream news coverage of events from the Arab Spring up through Libya and the current situation in Syria and now Mali.  Their usual comments are along the lines of "where is the footage?".  Anderson Cooper playing unsourced YouTube clips that look suspiciously like the footage created in Wag the Dog is what is passing for "news" theses days.  Burma VJ came out in 2008 and documents a social uprising from the inside with the kind of footage Adam and John are always looking for.

From the films website:
"Going beyond the occasional news clip from Burma, Burma VJ brings us close to Burma’s video journalists who insist on keeping up the flow of news from their closed country despite risking torture and life in jail. Armed with small handycams they make their undercover reportages, smuggle the material out of the country, have it broadcast back into Burma via satellite and offered as free usage for international media."