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Adam referenced the film Project X in relation to the out of control house party in the Netherlands.  It wasn't a recommendation, but in relation to the house party that was "accidentally" posted on Facebook in the Netherlands and proceeded to get out of control.


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Earth: The Climate Wars III: Fight for the Future (2008)

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I've always been interested in Adam and John's opinions and research around climate change and global warming, mainly because it differs from my own opinion.  That said, this weeks film is part of a series I'll be posting over the coming months.  I figured summer was a good time to post these as there is always record heat somewhere and that give empty headed news pundits and talk show hosts endless material for discussing climate change and global warming. 

Description from YouTube:
Having explained the science behind global warming, and addressed the arguments of the climate change sceptics earlier in the series, in this third and final part Dr Iain Stewart looks at the biggest challenge now facing climate scientists. Just how can they predict exactly what changes global warming will bring?

It's a journey that takes him from early attempts to model the climate system with dishpans, to supercomputers, and to the frontline of climate research today: Greenland. Most worryingly, he discovers that scientists are becoming increasingly concerned that their models are actually underestimating the speed of changes already under way.

Part III (58:56)

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American Autumn (2012)

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In case you couldn't tell based on the films I post here, I'm a fan of social movements that push back against the established order of the day.  I'm a fan of those who rage against the machine.  To put it in No Agenda terms, I'm a fan of that point in time when the human resources/slaves don't just shut up and move along.

It is with this sentiment in mind that I post American Autumn as the NA Films Monday Movie.  This film was made by Dennis Trainor Jr and explores the (as of right now) brief history of the Occupy Movement.  This post goes up on the one year anniversary of when human resources put their bodies on the ground in front of the financial capitol of Gitmo Nation and declared that they were sick of multinational banks running the world...and I say Congrats!

I'm sure some people will read this post and roll their eyes.  "Occupy is over" and all of that.  I would say irregardless of what anyone may have heard about Occupy Wall Street in the corporate media (and remember, this is the same media that John and Adam assassinate twice a week), there are some people out there in the world that have crossed a line and are sick of corporate interests, money in politics, illegal foreclosures, drone warfare, austerity measures, crackdowns on whistle blowers, illegal wars, police state tactics and basically just being told how to live their lives by those "in power".  Resist!

American Autumn (1:15:35)

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911 Taboo (2007)

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For those of you who love the second half of No Agenda (aka The Crazy Conspiracy portion), this weeks NA Films Monday Movie is for you.  I've watched (and posted a few on this blog) at least a dozen 9/11 documentaries in the past 11 years, but somehow never ran across this weeks film.  It explains the "No Planes Theory" of 9/11/01.  From what I can find, the film was made around 2007 by Genghis6199 and posted to YouTube. 

The theory is quite mocked and vilified within the 9/11 truth community, and based just on this video, I'd have to say the community is correct.  Check it out for yourself, but, be prepared to yell at your monitor.

911 Taboo (38:40):

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Convention (2009)

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I saw this film back in 2009 at the Cleveland International Film Festival and have watched it twice since then. It felt like the perfect pick for a No Agenda Films Monday Movie as we here in Gitmo Nation just suffered thru one convention and are gearing up for another.

This documentary took an interesting approach to the Democratic National Convention of 2008. A group of documentarians went to Denver and covered protests in the streets, decisions made in the halls of power, newsrooms, city planning meetings, police command centers and the convention itself.  The idea was to cover what it takes logistically to host such a massive public event.  I think the result is more of an anthropological documentary than a political one, but, obviously the politics of the event are inescapable.

The whole project was coordinated by the filmmaker A.J. Schnack whose documentary Kurt Cobain: About a Son is a must watch for any Nirvana fans out there. 


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