The Secret History of Hacking (2001)

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I was going to post part 2 of Download: The True Story of the Internet, but they have been taken off of YouTube.  Instead, I stumbled onto this documentary from Secret History, a long running series on Channel 4 in England (1991-2004).  It was initially aired in July of 2001, so it serves as a time capsule document of what "hacking" and computing in general were like over ten years ago.

From Channel 4's website describing Secret History:
"the home of single, hour-long history documentaries that shed new light on some of the most intriguing stories from the past. New evidence from excavation, research and investigation reveal strange, forgotten stories, and shed new light on the events we thought we knew well." The programmes "challenge accepted views of key events in history. Sometimes concealed, sometimes manipulated by the media, the truth has been submerged behind the headlines and the propaganda."

Based on that description, I will be combing thru their titles to see what else we can post here.

The Secret History of Hacking (50:09):

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Hardwired (2009)

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This weeks NA Films Monday Movie comes from producer Michael.  It's a straight to video US action film called Hardwired.  Be warned, it is quite cheesy and has all the trappings of a straight to video action film of the 1990's - back when there were still video stores and putting a film out straight to home video was a profitable market.
I got several e-mails (theworldofcinema@gmail.com) after posting Navy Seals a few weeks back about how nice it was to have an escapist fiction film as the pick of the week instead of (and I'm quoting an e-mail here) "another 4-hour documentary about the financial crisis".  My film diet is about 75% documentaries, so that part of NA Film won't change, but as producer Michael pointed out this film is full of No Agenda memes/themes which does make this film a bit more entertaining.

Here are the first three sentences from the films description on Wikipedia:
"In the not too distant future where corporations control nearly every aspect of human life, a man named Luke is involved in a car accident that claims the life of his wife and their unborn child. Luke has severe brain damage, but Hope Corporation agrees to implant a chip into his brain to save his life. He discovers that this chip also constantly sends advertisements until either the person obtains the product, or they go insane."

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Earth: The Climate Wars II - Fightback (2008)

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Sorry for the absence last week, we returned from vacation to a dead computer.  Anyway, here we go with this week's NA Films Monday Movie.

I've always been interested in Adam and John's opinions and research around climate change and global warming, mainly because it differs from my own opinion.  That said, this weeks film is part of a series I'll be posting over the coming months.  I figured summer was a good time to post these as there is always record heat somewhere and that give empty headed news pundits and talk show hosts endless material for discussing climate change and global warming. 

Description from YouTube:
Dr Iain Stewart investigates the counter attack that was launched by the global warming sceptics in the 1990s. At the start of the 1990s it seemed the world was united. At the Rio Earth summit the world signed up to a programme of action to start tackling climate change. Even George Bush was there. But the consensus didn't last. Iain interviews some of the key global warming sceptics, and discovers how their positions have changed over time.

Part II (59:01):

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