Miss Representation (2011)

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Many thanks to producer David for this weeks NA Films Monday Movie suggestion.  I've been waiting and waiting for Miss Representation to make it's way to my hometown, or at least DVD.  This film falls into a category that has only recently become part of my film collection, the parent section.  I certainly would have enjoyed this film before becoming a parent, but having an almost three year old daughter in my care, I'm even more aware of the representation of women in the media (and in the world of children's toys), and this documentary provides a fantastic summary of how horrible this representation currently is.

From Wikipedia:

The film interweaves stories from teenage girls with provocative interviews to give an inside look at the media and its message. The film’s motto, “You can't be what you can't see,” underscores an implicit message that young women need and want positive role models, and that the media has thus far neglected its unique opportunity to provide them. The film includes a social action campaign to address change in policy, education and call for socially responsible business.


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