Ace in the Hole (1951)

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And we're back!  After a week of fevers and trips to the ER with the kids and myself, the sickness has left the house.

While laid up and enjoying some NyQuil last week, I re-watched a few classic films from my collection, including this weeks NA Films Monday Movie, Ace in the Hole.  It may have been made over 60 years ago, and was regarded as quite cynical at the time, but I think this film is still as relevant as Network or A Face in the Crowd.

Kirk Douglas plays a Chuck Tatum, a reporter who has hopped from job to job while maintaining a steady diet of booze.  He finally lands in a small newspaper in New Mexico and spends a quiet, sober year as a beat reporter.  It all changed when a local man gets trapped in a cave collapse.  Tatum smells and opportunity and sets about exploiting this tragedy for all it's worth.  The original title for the film (chosen by the distributor) was The Big Carnival, which is exactly what the situation turns into.

Yes, even in 1951 the media was capable of exploiting a tragedy for it's own financial gain.


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