The Bang Bang Club (2010)

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Photojournalism is an interest of mine that I have pursued mainly through books and websites.  There aren't too many really great films on the subject.  HBO is currently running a fantastic series called "Witness:", but I didn't want to post that as a NA Films Monday Movie since it's a bit hard to find without an HBO subscription.

The Bang Bang Club (2010) is a decent film based on the lives of four amazing photojournalists who covered South Africa from 1990 to 1994.  The acting isn't top notch, but the historical staging and ideas expressed about the role of the photojournalist are explored in an interesting and sometime quite compelling way.  The book the film is based on, The Bang Bang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War is a MUST READ.

I thought this film would make an interesting counterbalance to all of the half-assed, mainstream media, green screen reporting from "war zones" that Adam and John keep pointing out on the show.  This is the story (albeit a fictional account) of actual reporters covering real life and death stakes events.


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