The Whistleblower (2011)

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This week's NA Films Monday Movie is one of those where I have to apologize to readers who live outside of Gitmo Nation.  Actually, I have to apologize to anyone not in 70 cities here in Gitmo Nation.  As of this writing The Whistleblower is only playing in 70 theatres, but will be on DVD/Blu-Ray shortly.  It is playing at the theatre I work at and I saw it just before listening to NA #336.  Adam mentioned the news article about the UN sexual assault allegations going on in Haiti right now. I had just watch a film that chronicles a different UN sex abuse scandal that Kathryn Bolkovac exposed in post-war Bosnia.  The timing was too weird and the film really stuck with me so I'm getting it off my chest.

The trailer for The Whistleblower plays like most "award winning" star vehicles do when they come out in the fall - highlight the main actors performance, hope for Oscar buzz, but don't spend too much on it just in case.  This particular film ended up opening in very few cities and in some cases played on Blu-Ray (meaning there wasn't even money for more film prints to be made), so it isn't long for the world of the movie theatre.  After its first month of release it has grossed just under $800,000.  While that amount of money would feed a lot of hungry people, it's not too much in Hollywood terms.

Since it's based on a true story that involves DynCorp employees (a private military company that receives more than 96% of its revenues from the US government) and UN officials engaging in a child sex slave and human trafficking operation, my guess is that this film may have slipped thru production and into theatres only due to the fact that it came from an independent company, Samuel Goldman Films.  Even "The Book of Knowledge" rates Samuel Goldman Films as "lower tier independent".


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